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Training with Amanda

Your brain, your body, and your life experiences are completely unique to you and your training should be as well. One on one personal training is the opportunity to embrace that fact and have fun unpacking the keys to your personal success.

Whether you are dealing with pain, previous injury, weight fluctuations, or creating motivation our time together will teach you how to look at brain function as the key to create the life you want to live each day.

What to focus on?

Our work together is the journey from these places to wherever you want to go! Week after week, we will adapt the work and focus to ensure your personal progress!

An approach to...

  • Decrease pain
  • Strengthen weak muscles
  • Improve mobility of restricted joints
  • Re-balance poor posture
  • Alleviate tension patterns
  • Address vision + balance challenges
  • Learn how to improve sleep quality
  • Pre & post-surgery care

And other important topics...

  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Reducing stress 
  • Managing anxiety
  • Feeling connected to yourself
  • Habit formation + behavior change
  • Clarifying goals
  • Gaining accountability 

“I started with Amanda because I had a specific pain problem that standard PT was not solving. The pain I was feeling was impacting my mood and general mobility. I’ve trained with her now for about 5 months. She has worked diligently to figure out why I am plagued with this pain. She’s given me exercises that seem totally unrelated to my issue, but which have resulted in a diminution of the pain. It’s amazing that if one exercise isn’t having the desired result, she immediately has a second or third option to tackle the problem.”

- MJ

Ready to get started? 

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No one is like you!

Your 1:1 training shouldn’t be one size fits all.

This is the place where we get to embrace the fact that you are completely unique.

Each session is specifically designed for your goals.

Week to week you're going to experience sessions that enhance the quality, feel, and connection of your movement.  

“Years ago when I began with Amanda, I realized that I hated breathing and hated moving. I had come to Amanda searching for a trainer who would help with painful hip joints but what I have found is a new way of living, a way of continuing to learn and —believe it or not — a way of breathing and moving I actually enjoy. I enter each session with Amanda anticipating that we will create together something new, helpful and authentic. I move with less pain and more strength than I have for years.“

- Candis