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I would say that I am "Midwest pragmatism meets California forward thinking."

Bolstered by multiple certifications in Pilates, yoga, and personal training, I fell in love with functional neurology and the cutting edge principles of Z-Health Performance.

On my bookshelf, you’ll find books from Yoga, Pilates, Spirituality, AND equally important, Functional Neurology, Motivation, Habit Change, & Personal Training.

Pursuing knowledge through study and deep application through movement, I will guide you in the small steps toward a larger vision of your optimum life and finding your best self.

My goal is to educate you about your body, with love and attention, and expand your capabilities in all of your pursuits.

Together, we will connect your goals with the day-to-day practices of movement, breath, spirituality, and mindfulness.

I'm so grateful to be on this journey with you!

- Amanda

Amanda's Certifications / CV


  • Z-Health 9S: Skill & Style, 2019

  • Z-Health 9S: Speed, 2018

  • Z-Health 9S: The Next Evolution, 2017

  • Z-Health 9S: Strength & Suppleness, 2016

  • Z-Health 9S: Structure, 2016

  • Z-Health 9S: Stamina & Spirit, 2016
  • Z-Health 9S: Sustenance & Spirit, 2015

  • Z-Health Exercise Therapy Specialist, 2015

  • Z-Health Movement Performance Specialist, 2015

  • Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist, 2014

  • Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist, 2012

American Council on Exercise, 2005

National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2007


Balanced Body University Pilates Instructor, 2009


Yoga Teacher Vinyasa Flow, Stephanie Snyder, 2013

Yoga Teacher Bhakti Flow, Rusty Wells, 2011


Advanced Personal Energetics, Dr. Glenda Jeong, 2009-2012