Education Consultant

Helping your health program innovate & grow 

With hands-on experience in clinical settings, my consulting practice develops neuro-based education & movement programs that address your clients' needs and help them succeed

PRCMG Center for Brain Injury

Emeryville, CA

As a health provider, I lead daily rehabilitation sessions with a focus on restoring movement, balance, and coordination skills. My lectures focus on applied neurology concepts to help patients understand what’s happening in their nervous system in an effort to alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, vertigo, and musculoskeletal pain. 


Neuro-Somatic Intelligence

Austin, TX

As an NSI educator, I create curriculum, continuing-education programming, and guest lecture during certification coursework. I'm a skilled group facilitator helping coaches, therapists, and healers work with their own nervous system, as they learn to implement the tools of the program with their clients. 


“As a student, I benefit from Amanda’s brilliant synthesis of her wide-ranging study of the workings of the human body with a special emphasis on the dynamics of the nervous system. My breathing, balance, ease and grace of movement are improving dramatically with her coursework.”

- Barbara

Listen to Trauma Rewired

Join in on my conversation with fellow NSI colleagues on the Neurology of Self Compassion, available on Spotify and Apple Music