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Foundations provides the building blocks to create a better you. Amanda's 10-week movement program synthesizes pilates, strength training, and applied neurology into a completely new type of mat work. Through these unique online workouts, we will build your strength, flexibility, and agility together!

A new workout arrives every week, for 10-weeks

Like your favorite streaming show, a new recorded session arrives each week in your online portal. We focus on mat-work that strengthens your body and core in a holistic way. The workouts only grow in intensity as your skill grows. My intent is make movement enjoyable for anyone, no matter where you're starting from.

60 minute sessions, made just for you 

Warm up / 20 min

Neurologically-based vision, balance, and mobility drills prepare your body for a meaningful movement workflow. 

Workflow / 35 min

The heart of the workout: we synthesize pilates, strength training, and applied neurology into a movement flow that will build your strength.

Summary / 5 min

We breakdown the work of the day, mark your progress, and give you a roadmap for the workouts to come. 

With over 15 years of experience, Amanda is ready to guide you! 

  • Z-Health Certification 2012 - 2019
  • Yoga Certification 2012 
  • Pilates Certification 2009
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine 2007
  • American Council on Exercise 2005 


I absolutely love Amanda’s class. It is never dull (and I get bored easily) because she rarely repeats any exercise sequence. I love how she expresses her understanding of the interconnection of brain, muscles and bone with depth and humor. I find myself stimulated, surprised and energized in each class."

- Karen

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Foundations in 10


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  • 10-week movement program
  • Weekly 60-min online workouts (10)
  • Three (3) monthly group Q&A sessions to track progress
  • Personal online portal to revisit & replay all your workouts